Eco club

TCS Eco Club

Constituted under a School Environment Management plan (SMEP) of Trangie Central School.

Purpose: Environmental education and environmental management, working collaboratively across the whole school.

Eco Club Activities:

  • help to integrate environmental considerations into whole-school planning
  • help to implement changes to school culture and everyday practices and to apply the principles of ecologically sustainable development across all school activities
  • fulfil the requirements of the NSW Department of Education and Training's Environmental Education Policy for Schools

Eco Club Plan:

We follow these step by step guidelines to implement our activities:

  • be incorporated into whole-school planning
  • link school administration and management with curriculum plans
  • be organised under three focus areas:
  • curriculum                   - management of resources                 - management of school grounds

Eco Club Focus Areas:

(Adapted from DET Environmental Education Policy for Schools)

  • active participation by students, staff (including teachers, general assistants, cleaners, office and canteen staff), parents, local community members and representatives from government and non-government agencies
  • a holistic perspective which employs an integrated systems approach to planning and includes the whole site, the whole school community and all aspects of the curriculum
  • a long-term vision encompassing continuing consideration of environmental management as part of a school's ongoing management plan

Management of School Grounds:

  • adopting the principles of ecologically sustainable management to the built and natural environments
  • identify learning opportunities for students resulting from management of school grounds

Management of Resources:

  • assessing, reducing and monitoring school resources e.g. water, energy, products, materials and waste
  • identify learning opportunities for students resulting from practices in the management of resources


  • integrating environmental education into KLAs and subjects
  • participating in special environmental events, days and programs
  • using opportunities in the management of resources and school grounds as learning experiences in KLAs and subjects
  • providing opportunities for students to develop into effective and committed environmental citizens and advocates

Whole School Planning:

  • incorporating environmental management into the whole school planning processes
  • linking administration and management with curriculum plans
  • providing opportunities for schools to celebrate progress on environmental projects

Whole School Community Participation:

  • incorporating the local community environmental issues into teaching and learning

Bush Tucker Garden & Aboriginal Culture Project:

As part of the Eco School Grant Program, Trangie Central School is building its Indigenous Bush Tucker Garden this year.

Our Bush Tucker Garden focuses on connecting young Indigenous people and communities with the environment whilst teaching them about the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables (including traditional bush tucker foods) in a healthy diet.